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With hair extensions rising in use and popularity over time, it is important to know which source to buy them. Hair extensions are always an aid whenever you have a bad hair day. With hairstyles, you can create numerous hairstyles, and every hairstyle will look beautiful on you. Whether you are going for long straight hair or wavy hair texture, Indique has it all. Want to find out about Indique’s premium long straight hair extensions? Well, read them below!  

1. SEA Bali Straight Hair  

Hair from South East Asia, with the orient, vibrant and beautiful to touch, the SEA Bali Straight Hair is pure virgin hair. They are completely natural and untouched with a natural shine and body. You can take advantage of its versatility and also achieve beautiful curls. With this hair, you can enjoy the liberty of having super straight hairstyles.  

Place your order on this premium quality hair extension and always make the most of your style. Shine your style through your hair.  

2. Pure Straight Hair  

Do you love having super sleek and practically carefree hair which flows with the breezy wind? You will get that feeling more often if you choose this Pure straight hair from Indique. It has the perfect amount of natural sheen and always seems like your natural straight hair too.   

Pure straight hair is a collection of Indique, 100% natural straight virgin hair from India. With lustrous texture, shiny silk, and super softness, this hair is something that you should go. Its versatile nature will also allow you to style your long hair with bangs.  

3. Bounce Relaxed Straight Hair  

If you are looking for straight hair with a more relaxed texture, this straight bounce hair is surely a go! Relaxing straight is one of the most favorite among clients. This long straight hair has a texture withthe perfect definition of blending easily with your natural hair.   

You can also maintain its healthy sheen and movement. You can either wear this hair as curls or make it as wavy as possible. Its versatility allows you to do all of it! 

4. Hysteria Straight Hair 

This Hysteria Straight Hair is a collection of colored South East Asian hair extensions which will look beautiful if you wear it with straight hairstyles. They are glossy, tangle-free, and offer six different colors.To top it off, all the colors are vibrant.   

Wear your long hair with bangs and get the most alluring looks. Achieve this hairstyle with six different colors and always slay your looks easily and trendy.  

5. Studio Fishnet Hair  


For this Indique’s Studio fishnet, you will get the uprising of hair extensions. They have created interlinking together nine wefts of hair to make it as one. This hair will surely give you long straight hair, which will give you a full look with luscious hair. The best thing about this hair is that you will achieve the hairstyle in just a snap of clips.   


6. Remix Straight Hair  

With this Remix Straight hair,you will get an extra smooth, natural straight texture with the right amount of shine. It will surely make a perfect straight hairstyle for you. It is super glossy and is of the right thickness, which will create long-lasting curls and waves.   

For this Remix of long straight hair, they have selected the Vietnamese virgin non-Remy hair where some of the cuticles are even aligned with each other. They have ten different sizes available, whichwill give the best styles that you can ask.    


With the best straight hair extensions in stock at Indique, you can create almost any hairstyle. Also, allof their products are made of 100% virgin human hair, so you can take advantage of their versatility and create different hairstyles with them. Get those hair extensions and get the finest alluring looks.    

If you are tired of straightening your hair to get the perfect gloss, then place your orders from Indique because they have some of the best hair! 


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